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Septic Tank System Rejuvenation 

Drain Field Restoration 

There is a science behind the way a septic tank System And Drain Field Work And Fail.

First you have a septic tank and the septic tank job is to hold all the solids and digest  as much organics as possible before going out to the Drain Field/Leach Field. In the Drain field you have a second treatment.

The second treatment is wear all the problems happen and this is what we call  BIO_MATE

We have been restoring Drain Fields/Leach Fields, For over 20 Years and after 20 years we have drain field restoration down to a science. We realized about 18 years ago that when the industry redesigned the septic system drain field in florida and removed the Rock from the original designed drain Fields. We understood right away that florida would start to have more failing drain field Or Premature Failure to taking the rock out that works as a filter to not clog up the soil pores to quickly.    

Leach Field Sludge And Bio-Mate

Leach Pipe with sludge

Save (Thousands) on Septic Tank and Drainfield Repair. Ask About our No Excavation  Drain Field Repair . We do not dig up your yard!

Fort Myers FlSeptic Tank 

Septic Tank Inside

Graveless Infiltrator Drain Field Failure From Bio-Mate

Infiltrator Chamber Open Bio-mat

This Infiltrator or graveless Drain Field Failed From A Two inch Bio-mate. There Was No Need To Dig Up this Drain Field And Replace It.

We Rejuvenated Drain Field Like This One In Know Time At All And Save The customer About $4200.00 Dollars And The Drain Field Will Last For Ever.

No Gimmicks,No Sales Pitch Just Good Old Fashion Technology and 25 Years Of Understanding The science Behind Septic Drain Field Failure.

Brand New Infiltrator Drain Field Fort Myers Fl

Drain Field in Lehigh Acres fl

Before And After treatment 

Multi Pipe Drain Field Failure Bad Bio-Mate 

Leach Field

Because The Septic Industry Has Removed The Rock From Being In The Drain Field We Now Need To Do Some Sort Of Pretreatment In The Septic Tank So Epic Drain Field Failure Will Not Happen Like This And Cost Thousands Of dollars to Fix 

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