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Aerobic Treatment Unit 

Aerobic Treatment Unit  Maintenance & Contracts:

Florida state law mandates that all owners of aerobic septic systems maintain a valid maintenance contract in force at all times. Each maintenance contract must be provided by a maintenance company holding a septic tank contractor license or Class D wastewater license. In addition the maintenance company must be certified to maintain your particular brand of system. (Brand names are usually placed on the control box or inspection lid of your system). 

Clean Earth Environmental: is committed to providing the very best maintenance service available in South Florida. Each time we inspect and/or service your aerobic system we attach a door hanger to the front door of your home showing that we have been by and explicitly describing the fact that we have inspected or serviced your system. The next day we fax a copy of your current maintenance contract and our service report to your County's controlling authority. To make certain that the county gets your compliance certification we also mail a copy of the maintenance contract and service certificate to the County. We have found this double-safe approach eliminates potential problems resulting in County records showing non-compliance when in fact you are in compliance. 

Septic Drip Field
Aerobic Treatment Unit
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