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Drain Field Repair 

We Specialize In Leach Field,Drain Field And Septic System Rejuvenation 

We have Been rejuvenating Septic System For Over 25 years the most common septic system drain field in florida is a chamber drain field (AKA) Infiltrator Drain Field. Because the new drain field,Does not require (Rock) to install the drain field the filter between the sand has been removed.causing the drain field to build a bio-mate faster then if you had the rock for a filter. This Is What We Specialize In Fixing 

Infiltrator System Septic Field Failure

Graveless Infiltrator drain field
Save (Thousands) on Septic Tank and Drain Field Repair . Ask About our No Excavation Drain Field Repair . (We do not dig up your yard)

Clean Earth Environmental adheres to the guidelines issued by The Florida Department of Health in the On-Site Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems permitting process. Our trained technicians are fully familiar with the (OSTDS) permitting process. We research on-line data for property history. A trained service technician will visit your job site and gather information for a complete tank certification. Working closely with the State inspector. we then provide a cost to repair proposal which provides you with an accurate cost for your project.

Rock and Pipe Leach Field
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